Suitable: Small & medium dogs

Material: Natural cotton

Size: 17cm


Description: Cuff Launcher eco-friendly rope toy, made from recycled cotton and with no nasty plastic bits that your dog could choke on. You pull, they pull, you pull, they pull - eventually one of you wins the tug of war...if it's you, do what we do and throw the Cuff Launcher as far as you can and watch while your dog buddy races to get it back for some more play-time with you. This toy is robust and durable, but when it is eventually chewed up by your dog, it is also biodegradable - causing no harm to the environment. Behavioural tests suggest that dogs are more stimulated by blue and yellow colours which is why we chose them. We want your dog to get as much enjoyment and engagement from these toys as possible!

Cuff Launcher

  • For supervised play only, do not leave with your pet unattended. Remove loose threads with a scissors, and if it becomes over worn remove from play.



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