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We wanted to create a safe, environmentally friendly dog toy.

Our inspiration was our family dog Shannon. Suddenly we were spending a lot of time outside, playing, and laughing along with our new furry best friend.


At puppy training we were warned about dogs chewing and choking on various household items, yet we found that lots of the dog toys out there contained dangerous bits of plastic that could cause harm to an enthusiastic chewer like Shannon. This coincided with our little boy learning about the environment and climate change at school.


We resolved to do something positive about these two worries, and developed dog toy products that are eco-friendly and safe. Our rope toys are biodegradable, made from recycled cotton, and have no nasty plastic bits that can damage your dog or the environment.


Ours is a family business - with the small, furry one being our main inspiration. Our name, ‘Dog Buddy Toys’ was thought up by our little boy – which tells you how much of a positive impact she has had in our lives. We want to have the same positive impact on the environment, and we hope your dog enjoys these toys as much as ours does!